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Meet Berkey. He Cleans Water.

It's time for spring cleaning! Not just our houses, but our bodies too. I've had "cleansing" on my mind for a while now, and I've been thinking about ways we can support ourselves, aside from the food we eat. One big way is through the [...]

What’s a Detox, and Why Should I Do One?

Two common questions I'm often asked are: "What do you mean by detox?" and "Why should I do one?" What's a detox? A detox is a period of time in which you give your body a break. A break from what? A break from the foods that [...]

Sinfully Delicious Flatbread Pizza

Nutritious food that tastes like earthy compost or feels like chewing cardboard will never find a long-term home in your pantry or on your dinner plates (no many how many benefits)! Instead, healthy and nutritious food should be infused with flavor and eaten with joy! Today, [...]

A Delicious “Better-For-You” Holiday Cookie

Flourless, gluten-free, low(ish) sugar, vegan* It’s that time of year when we’re faced with holiday goodies every time we turn around. Most holiday treats lack nutrients and are amped up with scary amounts sugar. For example, according to MyFitnessPal, two homemade frosted sugar cookies contain about [...]

Are You Holding Onto Holiday Stress?

This past summer, I moved into an "old-new" home: "old," in that I once lived in this house before and "new," in that it's been renovated inside and out since I last lived here. (The "why"—behind how I lived here, then I didn't, and now [...]