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Have you tried everything but are still sick? Do you have symptoms that are often dismissed as being “inside your head?” Are you tired of feeling tired? I can help.

I’ll help you get to the root cause of WHY your symptoms are appearing in the first place. I’ll be your mentor, cheerleader, and accountability partner as we close the gap between your current health and your best health.

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A Delicious “Better-For-You” Holiday Cookie

1:38 am|

Flourless, gluten-free, low(ish) sugar, vegan* It’s that time of year when we’re faced with holiday goodies every time we turn around. Most holiday treats lack nutrients and are amped up with scary amounts sugar. For example, according to MyFitnessPal, two homemade frosted sugar cookies contain about [...]

Are You Holding on to Holiday Stress?

7:57 pm|

This past summer, I moved into an "old-new" home: "old," in that I once lived in this house before and "new," in that it's been renovated inside and out since I last lived here. (The "why"—behind how I lived here, then I didn't, and now [...]

What’s Your “Why?”

12:00 am|

I don't eat gluten. I've learned—through trial, error, and educated guesses—that gluten makes my joints hurt. But I live with people who do. Every morning, I see the toaster on the counter or smell the aroma of toast wafting in the air after they've made [...]

Heartburn? Heal With More Acid.

12:00 am|

Most people believe that heartburn or acid reflux is the result of too much stomach acid. Nothing could be further from the truth. Counterintuitively, these conditions are the result of too LITTLE stomach acid. The Role of Stomach Acid We need our stomachs to maintain a highly acidic environment [...]

Are YOU Worried About Your Health?

11:49 pm|

A couple months ago, I asked my email subscribers and social media followers to answer a single question: What’s your biggest health concern? I asked because I have a deep desire to solve health-related problems, and I was interested in knowing what people might be [...]

Why Gluten May Not Be Good for Anybody

2:20 pm|

If my friend, Susan, ingests even a trace of gluten, she'll likely need to make a mad dash to the bathroom or she'll double over in pain for hours. Susan has celiac disease. If my daughter, Emma, ingests gluten, she hears voices. But what about the rest of us? [...]