I’ve overheard more than once (in reference to dining with me): “Oh no, I can’t go out to eat with a health coach!” As if I plan to sit across the table and eye every bite of food they put in their mouths.

I honestly don’t trouble myself with what you’re eating; I just want to hang out with you! (Besides, I feel the same way. What if I want to eat french fries or dessert? I’m a health coach—are you going to judge me?)

However, if you ask my opinion or want my advice about food, I will happily let you pick my brain. I really dig the connections between food and physiology. And if I think you’re starting to glaze over from information overload, I promise to be mindful and stop talking so we can still be friends.

Finding My Niche

Speaking of information overload, it’s impossible for a health coach to be everything to everybody. There’s simply too much information: countless conditions, diseases, protocols, and diets. When you consider we’re all unique individuals with unique “bioterrains”(in other words, what works for you may not work for me), there’s another layer of complexity to add to any given health concern.

I want to focus on a niche.

Over and over, I keep coming back to the same group of people I want to serve: those who struggle with anxiety. I have truckloads of real-life experience with anxiety and depression as a witness, supporter, and advocate for several people I love. In particular, I have a lot of empathy for all the kiddos who struggle with anxiety, probably because my kiddos have struggled (and sometimes still do). Anxiety is everywhere.  I can help.

I’m passionate about kicking anxiety’s ass.

This Niche Feels Really Good

Going forward, I’ll spend time talking about food-mood connections and ways to find relief from the anxiety monster. If that doesn’t interest you and you’re currently on my email list, I invite you to unsubscribe. No hard feelings. On the other hand, if you know someone who could benefit from this kind of news, please encourage them to sign up for emails. Send them here to subscribe.

(Now…can we please go grab a bite to eat?)