“What if you gave yourself a year?”

I recently heard this comment on a podcast.

It was in reference to how we often feel the urgency to make changes in a new year, yet when we make too many big changes too fast, we find ourselves unable to stick with any change at all. The podcasters were advocating for small steps over time.

It got me thinking about how so many of us try to make big changes in our health overnight.

In the past, I’ve made New Year’s Resolutions. Those were the years when I was determined to “lose weight” and “get healthy.” “THIS will be the year!” I’d go “all in” for a couple of weeks, then fizzle out.

I couldn’t sustain big changes so fast.

But small changes over time? Yeah, that worked for me.

I used to be a junk-food junkie. When my kids were babies, I would sometimes start my day with two candy bars (one wasn’t enough) and countless cups of coffee. I felt exhausted; I was always running on empty. These days, I barely touch sugar and I feel great in my own skin. But I didn’t change overnight. Slowly, made small changes.

“What if you gave yourself a year?”

What if you took off the pressure from yourself? What if you eased in, made simple changes, or moved slowly? Could you sustain changes that were easy? (Heck, yes!)

How would it feel to stand one year from now and look back and see how far you’ve come? Think of how much more energy you’d have! Think about bouncing out of bed! Think of how awesome that would feel!

That’s exactly why I created “5 Days to More Energy.” It’s a simple 5-day program to get the ball rolling. To show you how simple change can be. To show you how small changes can lead to big results. Looking for more energy? It’s a great place to start.

(Then ask yourself, “What if you gave yourself a year?”)