A health coach helps guide, educate, and encourage clients who are striving to take care of their own health. There are many types of health coaches with varying backgrounds. Many specialize in a certain niche, like autoimmune disorders or thyroid issues.

My training focuses on a holistic, or “whole person” approach, exploring the connections among body, mind, and spirit. I care about helping clients uncover the root cause of their health conditions or diagnoses, including mental health concerns. By “root cause,” I mean uncovering the factors or conditions that led to whatever condition someone is experiencing today. Once I start to understand “what’s going on in there” (inside the body), I can make suggestions for improvement.

holistic health coachGetting started with a holistic health coach

When I start working with a client, I want to really get to know them. Together, we explore the timeline of their life history. For example, if you came to me looking for ways to improve chronic inflammation, I might ask questions that seem unrelated. (“How many times have you had antibiotics?” “Have you ever had surgery?” “Have you ever had a head injury?”)

This comprehensive inquiry can provide clues about what’s going on and why. Our bodies are comprised of multiple interrelated systems, and when one system gets compromised, another one can get out of whack. That’s why a holistic health coach takes the time to look at the “big picture.”

Making slow changes over time

I think of my role as part detective, part cheerleader, and part advisor.  I look for clues that compromise your health, cheer you on when you feel discouraged, and guide you toward relief. I can teach you about foods that can serve as medicine or which foods to avoid. I can suggest lifestyle changes as well.

Your job is to follow a few suggestions and report back.

That’s when we’ll talk about any changes in how you feel. Maybe you’re sleeping better, can concentrate more, or have more energy. Sometimes, simple changes can  make you feel better right away. But often, it takes a little more digging and exploration.

It’s common for a health coach to have a relationship with a client for several months.

What a holistic health coach doesn’t do

A health coach does not diagnose disease, order labs, prescribe medications, or create individualized food plans. These functions are reserved for medical doctors and registered dietitians. But don’t worry, we can all work together!

A holistic health coach helps close the gap

I view my job as helping my clients close the gap between how they feel and how they want to feel.

Over time, I help tease out ways to eliminate or improve the quality of my clients’ lives. I help educate people on the benefit of eating unprocessed local, fresh, whole foods. I can also help clients manage chronic nutritional deficiencies and toxicities associated with lifestyle and environmentally-related health problems. My education is rooted in both nutrition AND the functions of the body (digestive, immune, urinary, cardiovascular, endocrine, nervous, and reproductive). I care about bringing non-biased health and nutrition information to clients and the community.

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