I've explored 14 careers, completed 5 unique forms of education, and lived in 4 states. I've worked my way through a disruptive divorce, an unwanted bankruptcy, and the loss of my home. I've become an entrepreneur, created my own a business, and purchased my dream home.

Throughout the journey, I often struggled, felt worried, was often confused, and let myself get overwhelmed. But I've also been willing to be bold and takes risks, whether in life or in business, and it's paid off.

My brain is often in high-gear—thinking about a TON of ideas and projects it wants to share with the world—but my life is also beautiful and fun. I love who I am, how I spend my days, and the current ease in my unfolding journey.

I believe you can create anything you want by being courageous and cultivating belief in what's possible. All is takes is a little guidance and a willingness to do some work (which I know you're up for).

Ready to worry less and live more?

Let's get started.