Have you ever tuned into what your body is trying to tell you? I mean, REALLY tuned in?

I’m working on building this muscle.

Deep down—at an intuitive level—I know that my body holds profound wisdom. But since I’ve never been taught how to listen to it (hardly anyone ever is), I’ve had to figure out its language on my own. It’s like landing in France and trying to learn French without a guide, guidebook, or French lesson.

I certainly haven’t nailed my body’s language…but I’m getting more proficient.

I remember a particular experience that I still remember vividly. Years ago—before I had a backup camera—I was backing out of a parking space at the grocery store. I looked over both shoulders to see if anything was behind me or coming close. All clear. I eased out of the space, holding my attention to the lane I was directly pulling into.

In an instant, all the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I instinctively slammed on my brakes. As I turned my head back in the other direction, I saw a car careening in my direction. I was floored…somehow, at an energetic level, my body gave me a clear signal. If I hadn’t stopped, I definitely would have collided into the car.

That’s not my only experience.

Over time, I’ve learned that when something resonates or rings true with me, I feel a sensation that runs down both my arms simultaneously, almost like a shiver but buzzier. When I feel a boulder in my gut, I now know that my subconscious is panicking about something (rational or not)…usually related to a fear of the unknown. It won’t go away until I figure out the root cause. I’m currently trying to figure out what a tightness in my chest means; it seems to shift around a bit.

I believe that body sensations are signals from our souls. They warn us, cheer us on, and nudge us to turn in a different direction when something’s not quite right.

But most of the time, we ignore, dismiss, or push them away.

So we never get to know what our soul is trying to say.

It’s challenging to learn your own body’s language. Like parenting, it doesn’t come with a guidebook. Besides, your body speaks differently to you than mine speaks to me; comparing notes is almost a moot point.

But at the very least, maybe we could pay better attention.

Do you know what your body trying to tell you?

Do you trust it?

Are you even listening at all?