10 things no one ever told me

Recently, I spent an entire weekend spinning around and upside down in a tornado of emotions. All of them. I was pouring through boxes and boxes (and boxes) of photos. I laughed. I teared up. I completely broke down and sobbed. I sobbed over 5th grade. 5th grade was a time when I felt completely [...]

The breakdown before the breakthrough

Have you ever felt like everything is falling apart? Or like you're sinking into quicksand, and there's nothing to hold onto? It just happened to me. Let me back up a little. About five years ago, I wrote down all the qualities of my ideal guy. I filled the front and back of an index card, and stuck it [...]

I changed my stories

Do you tell stories?  The juicy kind that place you as the heroine who triumphs over hard times and gets what she wants?  Or stories laced with despair and victimhood with oodles of blame on other people? Here's the deal.  You get to choose. And you can choose any story—including any ending—you want.  The more [...]

Let’s be bold together

At the end of June, I started to get a juicy feeling in my bones. It's hard to describe. Not shivers, not goose bumps. More like a buzz. Or a vibration. Yeah, a vibration in my body. It was a "knowing."  I believe it means that something big is on the horizon for me, but [...]


Lately, I've been consumed with "Why?" (Mostly because I'm currently reading "Start with Why" by Simon Sinek. Hint: great read!) I've been thinking a lot about why I'm a life coach for women entrepreneurs.  But then I wondered, whydo we do anything?  Why do we brush our teeth? Buy a house? Have kids?Own pets? I realized that the [...]

6 months can change everything

Here's what my business coach accomplished in the past six months (get ready to have your mind blown):​ Built a website from scratchRecreated a membership portalRe-branded her entire businessLaunched a new podcast (with 100,000+ downloads)Made $1,102,000 cash (that's not a typo...yes...$1.1M)Helped 8 women make six figures in 6 monthsHelped hundreds of women make their first $2K in [...]