I only saw flaws

I was obsessed with every brush stroke, drip, and visible inconsistency.I was staining the railings on my front porch. They’d been neglected, and I wanted them to be beautiful. But each time a new layer of stain dried, I saw more flaws. I eyed every angle of each spindle and kept going back to touch [...]

I hated this question

A number of years ago, I desperately wanted a better life. I was overwhelmed and scared, fighting for survival and desperate to be happy. I had no friggin' clue how to get there (especially when I didn't even know where "there" was). I was anxious to get moving, take action, and ARRIVE. It couldn't happen [...]

What’s your ripple effect?

A ripple effect is "the continuing and spreading results of an event or action."Consider your state of mind as an "event" or "action."This means that the thoughts in your brain matter. Your mindset has an effect in the world: on yourself, on the people around you, and in the world at large.What impact do you [...]

Chatter, chatter

Last week I met with an incredible 30-something ball-juggling ninja. On the outside, she "had it all." She was married with two kids, was a key player in a family-operated business, and had a side hustle as a real estate agent. She knew how to dot all the "i's" and cross all the "t's." She [...]

How to not work so hard

Last week I jam-packed my schedule. I mean, it was fully booked every day—all day—from morning to night with back-to-back meetings, long "to do" lists, networking events, and coaching calls.  As a result, I felt overwhelmed and exhausted. My brain found it hard to transition from one thing to another. I was serious, and I felt [...]

The sky is falling

Sometimes it feels like the sky is falling. Like, things happen outside of us that we don't see coming. That unexpected bill, a hurtful comment, or a plan that falls through.At first, it feels like we have no control in the situation. We feel powerless, as if life is being done "to" us rather than [...]