Your Body’s Speaking. Are you Listening?

Have you ever tuned into what your body is trying to tell you? I mean, REALLY tuned in? I'm working on building this muscle. Deep down—at an intuitive level—I know that my body holds profound wisdom. But since I've never been taught how to listen to it (hardly anyone ever is), I've had to figure [...]

The First Time I Hired a Coach…

...I was nervous. Heck, I was nervous talking to her before I even hired her...for our “consultation.” (What the heck is a consultation? Should I be on high alert? Was she was going to try to sell me something?) I braced myself for the call. What I knew FOR SURE was that I wanted MORE. [...]

Does Your Brain Freak Out Too?

A friend called me a few weeks ago. As I talked to her, I realized she was having an experience so many people have. She wanted something, but she was getting in her own way from getting it. She had just received an email from one of her clients. It said, "Thank you. I look [...]

The “Would You Rather” Game

When my two daughters were little girls, we often played a game called "Would You Rather." The objective was to pose a question with an impossible answer. We'd ask ridiculous things, like  "Would you rather get poked in the eye or stung by a bee?" "Would you rather eat a bowl of live worms or [...]