At the end of June, I started to get a juicy feeling in my bones.

It’s hard to describe. Not shivers, not goose bumps. More like a buzz. Or a vibration. Yeah, a vibration in my body. It was a “knowing.” 

I believe it means that something big is on the horizon for me, but I can’t quite see it, taste it, or catch up with it. Whatever it is, it’s jussssst out of reach, even though I can feel it’s there. I just have to catch up with it.

You feel me?

Coincidentally, this was around the time of the most recent new moon and solar eclipse (some way that our inner desires come out during a new moon and solar eclipse).

Soon after, I went away for a couple of nights with my boyfriend. While away, I noticed some captivating signs and signals all around me. (I’m a big believer in signs and symbols from the universe.)

Within 48 hours, here’s what I saw:

  • More than one compass, symbolizing a change in direction. 

  • luna moth, representing rebirth, renewal of body and spirit, and regeneration.

  • The number 11, a master number that brings higher intuition and spiritual insight, supernatural abilities, and increased sensitivity. (Our tiny house was #11, a cabin we looked at was #11, and I randomly saw times like “11:11,” “1:11,” and “2:11.”)

  • Obviously all those 11s are made of 1s. 1 is an angel number, and when you see itagain and again, it means that the universe is offering you a new beginning or a clean slate.
Whether you believe in these symbols the way I do or not, one thing is certain: It’s time to up-level.

Is it time for you too?

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