Conquer Food Drama and Really LIVE!
~ FREE ONLINE TRAINING: June 26, 2018, 7:30-8:30 PM ~

Over the years, I’ve spent a lot of time in my life wrapped up in the mind drama of food. Food drama goes like this:

  • You step on the scale and think Oh God, I hate what I weigh.

  • Later, you eye a displays of pastries and think, I don't need one; I'm good.

  • Three donuts later: Why did I just do that? I feel terrible. I’m so stupid. 

  • The following Monday, you vow: Today is the day I start over! Vegetables are in! Junk food is out!

  • But by Wednesday your thoughts are Screw it. I can do what I want. Give me ice cream, and give it to me NOW.

Until you step on the scale again...and the whole cycle starts over.

Yup, that cycle pretty much consumed me and a TON of my energy over the years (not to mention feelings of guilt, shame, and feeling overwhelmed).

Have you ever felt that way?

There’s MORE for you.

I KNOW there is.

In this one-hour training, I’ll teach you strategies for MANAGING your mind and FREEING your headspace around food so you can experience so much MORE.

  • LET GO of the thoughts that are holding you back
  • CREATE MORE ENERGY in your life to focus on better things
  • STEP INTO the woman you’ve always envisioned  

  • TRUST YOURSELF to learn new ways to practice and overcome food drama
  • HAVE THE CONFIDENCE to handle special occasions and pushy family members/friends (who don’t understand why you don’t even WANT the cake)
  • FEEL STRONG AND EMPOWERED around food (and areas of your life)

Free Online Training
June 26, 2018

7:30-8:30 PM
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