Do you care what other people think?

Personally, I can answer that question from two completely different places:

The conscious, confident, and comfortable side of me believes that what other people think isn’t important. What other people think is none of my business. The subtle, subconscious side of me likes to plant seeds of doubt, namely, What other people think totally matters.

The subconscious mind is sneaky. It’s quiet and loud at the same time.

It’s “quiet” because we’re usually not aware of it.

It’s “loud” because it can stop us from taking action (big time).

For example, let’s say I’m getting ready to go “live” on Facebook. The confident, conscious side is excited to get online, share a story, and serve my followers.

But the subconscious might silently be screaming:

  • People won’t care what I have to say.
  • I might ramble or stumble over my words.
  • I need some art on the wall behind my desk; the background looks terrible.

These thoughts feel like life or death.


Suddenly, writing an email, watering the plants, or going to the store seem WAY more important than going “live.”

3 Tips for Putting Your Conscious Brain in Charge

In these moments, I have to grab the reins of my brain and put my conscious mind back in charge. I remind myself that the only thing that’s happening is that I don’t want to feel uncomfortable. Going “live” feels vulnerable and scary, and those feelings feel awful.

Here’s how I put my conscious brain back in charge:

  1. Ask, ‘Is the thought serving me?’ Does it serve me to entertain the question, “What will other people think?” First, I’m probably never going to know. Second, why should I let other people’s thoughts rob me of my dream of growing my business? If I care about what other people think (instead of what I think), I’m choosing to fail on my own dreams in advance.
  2. Reframe it. Reframing a thought is all about thinking something different to take action. While the thought “I’m afraid of what other people with think” triggers me into avoidance, shifting the thought to “I can handle what other people think” empowers me to take action.
  3. Stop expending extra energy. When I just DO the dang thing I’m trying to avoid, I free my mind and save a lot of energy. That extra energy is better used to grow my business, serve my clients, or knock off work a little early….WAY more fun than worrying!

Put your conscious brain in charge and grow your business faster and easier.

Jennifer Hooper
Life Coach for Women Entrepreneurs & Business Owners