Here’s what my business coach accomplished in the past six months (get ready to have your mind blown):​

  • Built a website from scratch
  • Recreated a membership portal
  • Re-branded her entire business
  • Launched a new podcast (with 100,000+ downloads)
  • Made $1,102,000 cash (that’s not a typo…yes…$1.1M)
  • Helped 8 women make six figures in 6 months
  • Helped hundreds of women make their first $2K in business
  • Lost 20 pounds
  • Took a month off
  • Got engaged

Six months can change everything.

​​Granted, she’s been working her business for a while. But probably ​not nearly as long as you’d think…about 4 years. 

​​Another way to think about it is that she’s just finished up her 8th six-month period of running her business.​

I’ve worked with her for a year, in two six-month masterminds. Without her, my business wouldn’t have grown nearly as much as it has. In fact, last month, I earned more than I ever have in a single month.

Six months can change everything.

What have you accomplished in the last six months?

What will you accomplish in the next six months?​​​​​​

You can do anything. I’m rooting for you!

Jennifer Hooper
Life Coach for Women Entrepreneurs & Business Owners