5-Day Spring Detox!

A 5-Day Whole Foods Detox to Help You Feel Better, 

Have More Energy, and Get Ready for Bathing Suit Season.

(Without Giving Up Real Food!)


Group Program Runs April 23-27, 2018

Do your pants feel a little tight? Is your skin acting up? Do you have less energy than you'd like? Do you find yourself craving sugar, carbs and all kinds of junk food?

If you’re ready to “find your glow" in 2018, join me April 23-27 to re-set your eating habits, focus on eating healthy whole foods, and learn how to feed your body what it really wants.

With the 5-Day Detox for Beginners you will:

  • Re-set your eating habits so you can get back on track with your health goals
  • Curb your sugar and carb cravings and stop eating the junk that has snuck into your diet 
  • Enjoy a whole-foods based cleanse with lots of support and yummy recipes - there's no fasting or eating only cabbage soup here :-)
  • Learn how to really feed your body so you have radiant health and energy, rather than relying on caffeine and energy drinks to get you through the day

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Why detox, anyway? 
("Don't our bodies know how to cleanse all on their own?")

We live in a toxic world, and we're exposed to pollutants on a daily basis, whether they are pesticides in our food, fumes from traffic, or even toxic materials used to make computers and phones. Our bodies can only handle so much toxic input at a time, and when we get overloaded, we often experience negative symptoms like headaches, irritability, belly fat, bloating, breakouts, fatigue and more. Detoxes can help!

Detox Benefits

Rev up your metabolism. 

A properly done detox can be great for re-setting your metabolism and burning fat that's been clinging to your body for years.

Give your body a break! 

Digestion takes a lot of energy, and it's important to give our digestive systems a break every now and then so they can repair damage done from foods that can damage them, like fried, processed, and sugary treats.

Reset your habits.

Have you noticed that you're reaching for the candy bowl more often than before? Are you drinking more wine than water these days? Cleanses are great for helping you become aware of your bad habits so you can start changing them.

Make you feel better than you've ever felt before. 

Many detox clients have more energy, sleep better, and have more drive for life than ever before - pretty incredible for just 5 days!


"This was a great experience, and I would highly recommend it! I learned a lot and there are so many things I'll be taking with me from this experience. Before this detox I was doing a lot of multitasking during meals and go go go go going all the time. It's been great to stop. Take deep breaths. Enjoy my food."  Jesse M.

"I didn’t feel great at first, but knew toxins were leaving my body. Never had hunger pains or cravings. Ended up feeling great with no joint pain.I slept really well."  Marianna R.

I can't believe I don't miss my coffee!!! I always said I wasn't addicted to coffee, and that it was just a habit I enjoyed, but I haven't had coffee since the detox! ANNNND I don't even crave it!! Yay! Win!" Tracy M.

Yeah, but...will this really work for me?

There are a lot of detoxes out there promising to be a miracle cure, but this 5-Day Detox is different because it focuses on introducing lots of healthy, nutrient-dense foods into your diet rather than restricting you to a few foods and drinks. 

This detox is for you if:

  • You reach for a can of diet soda and a chocolate bar when the clock hits 3:00 PM.

  • You usually eat pretty well but the holiday season derailed your normal eating habits

  • You know you want to eat better in 2018 but you're just not sure where to start

  • You want to find out how to feed your body for real instead of following another fad diet

  • You know things need to change, but you also know you need some support and guidance to get healthy the RIGHT way

What you'll get in the 5-Day Detox: 


This done-for-you detox guide tells you exactly what to do and when, so you'll never be left wondering whether you're doing things right.


You'll get proven recipes to help you get the maximum detoxification possible while still eating really tasty foods.


Step-by-step guidance that will make sure your 5-Day Detox is a success!


Every day during the entire 5 days detox, you'll get direct support through a private Facebook group as well as daily emails.

PLUS, when you sign up, 
you'll also get these bonuses!

Bonus #1

A shopping list template that will make your grocery store trip a breeze.


Bonus #2

A comprehensive recipe guide for smoothies and green juices. These recipes will give you even more choices during the detox.


Bonus #3

A post-detox group strategy session to help you figure out what to do next and how you can avoid going back to your old habits.


Find your glow in 2018!

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Sign up and feel better than ever! Here's what you'll get:

  • A detox handbook
  • Recipe book
  • Daily support between April 23-27
  • These bonuses: a shopping list template, an extra recipe guide for smoothies and green juices, a post-detox group strategy session, and more!

* Registration price rises to $97 on April 20!

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I am a health coach. I'm a graduate of Holistic Nutrition Lab’s Full Body Systems. My training was based on functional nutrition, nutrition-based care that is focused on building health by restoring proper physiological functioning of the body.

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