Working with Jennifer was a self-awakening experience.  She guided me through exercises that opened my mind and eyes to ideas and opportunities I didn't even know I wanted or existed.  Better yet, I'm actually working towards achieving them and not just dreaming about them! Growing yourself and/or a business is hard work and it's easy to get paralyzed by all the daily decisions and obstacles.  Jennifer provided tools to help me keep moving forward and the accountability to actually utilize them.  The time I spent with her was truly an investment in myself and my future.



I have been dealing with the same issues for years. Nothing I did seemed to lead me in any productive direction. I've felt stuck and alone, at an impasse, unable to proceed on my personal journey. Jennifer has helped me create new solutions to old problems. This new insight has allowed me to take control of my choices and actions. I feel like I'm back on the right track and my life has opened up allowing me to see possibility where I had seen obstacles.