Last week I jam-packed my schedule. I mean, it was fully booked every day—all day—from morning to night with back-to-back meetings, long “to do” lists, networking events, and coaching calls. 

As a result, I felt overwhelmed and exhausted. My brain found it hard to transition from one thing to another. I was serious, and I felt grouchy. It wasn’t pretty.

This week, I’m remembering there’s a better way.

It’s the difference between DO-ing and BE-ing.

I’ll give you an example. Let’s say you want to grow your business.

DO-ing looks like this:

  • Read/write emails
  • Call prospects
  • Revise website
  • Go to meetings
  • Create memes
  • Post on social media
  • Say “yes” to everybody

BE-ing looks like this:

Imagine you’re the future version of yourself (you’ve already grown your business). Tap into how she thinks. Ask her what you need to do today get to where she already is. Listen, and follow her advice. BE her when you plan and take action. Her wisdom is available to you right now. She has all the answers.

So what does my future self look like? She has a waiting list of clients. She helps people everywhere she goes. She’s decisive, relaxed, and happy. She’s grown her own business leaps and bounds, and she’s helped countless other women do the same. She doesn’t worry, over-schedule, or allow herself to get overwhelmed.

As I’ve tapped into my future self over and over this week, here’s how things are different. She been driving me to:

  • Cross off what doesn’t really matter.
  • Prioritize the rest (tackling the most important stuff first).
  • Take breaks for lunches and walks.
  • Create space for new ideas to come in.
  • End my day at a reasonable hour.
  • Enjoy the people in my life.

DO-ing feels busy. BE-ing feels juicy.

DO-ing keeps creates constant motion. BE-ing creates clarity.

DO-ing gets stuff done, meaningful or not. BE-ing guides you to do exactly the right things.

As I’m DO-ing less—and BE-ing more—my days are simpler, and they have a gentle flow to them. I’m getting more done with less effort. I’m not working nearly as hard. Best of all, I’m getting closer and closer to the woman I’m going to be. 

It feels amazing.

Jennifer Hooper
Life Coach for Women Entrepreneurs